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Male actor
Age 40s
Energetic, direct, bright & funny. Brilliantly dry and sarcastic if needed.
Comedy, Natural, Dry, Warm, Corporate, Promo.
Neutral *
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Commercial Montage
Myloma Charity Appeal
Wry Narratives sample
Alt. Narration
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Law and Order UK (TV, 2014) Commander Douglas Stone. ITV.
Plebs (TV, 2014) Philo. ITV.
Bluestone 42 (TV, 2013-14) Lieutenant Colonel Philip Smith. BBC3.
Borgen: Outside the Castle (Radio, 2013) DP. BBC.
The Escape Artist (TV, 2013) Trevor Harris. BBC.
Last Tango In Halifax (TV, 2012-15) John. Series 1-3. BBC1.
Fresh Meat (TV, 2011-13) Professor Tony Shales. Series 1&2. Ch4.
Cockneys vs Zombies (Feature Film, 2011) Clive.
Gates (TV, 2011) Aiden. Sky Living.
M.I. High (TV, 2011) Prime Minister. BBC1.
The Rivals (Theatre, 2010-11) Faulkland. Theatre Royal Haymarket.
Vexed (TV, 2010) Andy. BBC2.
Mad, Sad & Bad (Feature Film, 2009) Graham.
Bedroom Farce (Theatre, 2009) Nick. Rose Theatre, Kingston.
May Contain Nuts (TV, 2009) Phillip Russell. ITV.
Moving Wallpaper (TV, 2009) George. ITV.
Love Soup (TV, 2008) BBC. Series 2. Matthew.
His Master's Voice (Radio, 2007) Radio 4.
Lead Balloon (TV, 2006-11) Michael. Series 1-4. BBC4.
Jekyll (TV, 2006) David. BBC1.
The Thick Of It (TV, 2005-07) Dan Miller. BBC2.
Bremner Bird & Fortune (TV, 2004-06) Various characters. Ch4.
Ralf Little Show (TV, 2004) BBC.
Lenny Henry in Pieces (TV, 2003) Various Roles. Series 1&2. BBC1.
Armando Iannucci Shows (TV, 2001) Various Roles. BBC.
Cold Feet (TV, 2001) Roger. ITV.
My Parents Are Aliens (TV, 1999-06) Lead - Brian. Series 1-8. ITV.
My Parents Are Aliens (Tony & Carla longterm co-stars.)
Carla Mendonša - John Voce - Dave Lamb
Love Soup
Sandra Huggett
May Contain Nuts
Diveen Henry - Justin Edwards
Mad, Sad & Bad
Andrea Riseborough
Bedroom Farce
Lucy Briers
Love Soup
Abigail Thaw
My Parents Are Aliens
Carla Mendonša
The Rivals
Annabel Scholey - Robyn Addison
Fresh Meat
Adrian Lukis - Adam Gillen - Robert Webb - Charlotte Ritchie
Fresh Meat (Played a couple)
Charlotte Ritchie
Cockneys vs Zombies
Georgia King - Richard Briers
Fresh Meat
Greg McHugh - Charlotte Ritchie - Adam Gillen - Robert Webb
Fresh Meat
Ronan Raftery - Charlotte Ritchie - Greg McHugh
Bluestone 42
Oliver Chris - Katie Lyons
Last Tango In Halifax
Sacha Dhawan
Fresh Meat
Simon Nock - Charlotte Ritchie - Greg McHugh
Last Tango In Halifax
Dean Andrews
Fresh Meat
Juliet Cowan - Charlotte Ritchie - Greg McHugh - Ronan Raftery
Belinda Stewart-Wilson
Ryan Sampson - Karl Theobald - Janine Duvitski - Tom Bell - Jonny Sweet
Fresh Meat
Zawe Ashton - Greg McHugh - Charlotte Ritchie - Adam Gillen - Juliet Cowan
Various singing styles (Can carry a tune comfortably)
Guitar (Basic)
Scientific (Skilled) He is a fully qualified doctor as well as being a working actor.
2nd Dec 2015
New comedy series. Set in parallel universes. Tony plays Henry. Tuesday 8th 10pm on E4.
See Tony Gardner in Tripped
10th Mar 2015
Series 3 of the hit comedy returns. Tony plays Lieutenant Colonel. Mondays 10pm on BBC3.
Tony Gardner in Bluestone 42
6th Jan 2015
Series 3. Tony returns as John in this romantic comedy series. Sundays 9pm on BBC1.
Tony Gardner in Last Tango in Halifax
23rd Apr 2014
Series 8. Repeat to Fade. Tony plays Cdr Douglas Stone. Wed 30th 9pm on ITV.
See Tony Gardner in Law & Order UK
24th Feb 2014
Brand new series. Tony plays Lieutenant Colonel. Thursdays 10pm on BBC3.
Tony Gardner: Bluestone 42 Series 2
17th Dec 2013
Festive special. Starring Oliver Chris, Tony Gardner and Katie Lyons. Monday 10pm on BBC3.
Bluestone 42 Christmas Special
12th Nov 2013
New series. Award-winning comedy drama returns. Tony as John. Tuesdays 9pm on BBC1.
Tony Gardner: Last Tango in Halifax
12th Nov 2013
Episode 3 of the new series 3. Tony as Professor Shales. Monday 10pm on C4.
Tony Gardner returns in Fresh Meat
5th Nov 2013
New BBC drama. Tony plays Trevor Harris. Tuesdays 9pm on BBC1.
Catch Tony Gardner in The Escape Artist
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