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New comedy series. Frances plays Ms Baron. Starts Friday 29th August, 9:30pm on BBC1.
Death in the Slow Lane. Lucy plays Jessica Wingate. Tuesday 26th 8pm on ITV1.
Death in the Slow Lane. David plays Peter Fossett. Tuesday 26th 8pm on ITV1.
New series 11. Richard plays Lawrence Devlin. Monday 25th 9pm on BBC1.
Drama telling the story of how Doctor Who was brought to TV. Sacha plays Waris Hussein. Sunday 24th 10pm on BBC2.
Series 11. Denis stars as Steve McAndrew. Mondays 9pm on BBC1.
Drama constructed from the words of real people. Matthew plays Alan Lloyd. Sunday 9pm on ITV1.
Series 2. Derek plays Bill Gibby. Sundays 9pm on BBC1.
Series 2. Rupert plays Edmund Allingham. Sundays 9pm on BBC1.
Historical Drama. Richard plays Merv. Saturday 11pm on BBC2.
New comedy series. Starring Charlotte as Hannah. Fridays 9:30pm on BBC3.
Comedy drama. Felix plays Boris. Friday 8th 9pm on Walter.
Comedy drama. Harry plays Chief Superintendent Charles Addison. Friday 8th, 9pm on BBC1.
New three part series. Paul plays Sargent Mitchell. Thursdays 9pm on BBC3.
New series. Set in First World War. Dominic plays Maurice Dease. Starts Thursday 7th 9pm on BBC3.
Brand new series. Sacha plays Dev. Tuesdays 9pm on BBC1.
Series 3. Morven plays Sally Goodman. Monday 9pm on BBC1.
Series 3. Mark plays James Moore. Monday 9pm on BBC1.
Series 3. Gary plays Sgt Fidel Best. Monday 9pm on BBC1.
Series 8. Richard plays Charles Roper. Sunday 8pm on ITV.
Claire Keelan plays PA Emma in The TripMichael Winterbottom directs Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in a beautifully improvised comic road trip through the North of England.

One of the significant pleasures of Michael Winterbottom's Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story (also starred Claire Keelan) was the fractious, funny relationship between actors Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. Their competitive friendship resurfaces in this feature length treatment of their new BBC series, again directed by Winterbottom, in which they play 'loose versions' of themselves. Coogan is commissioned by The Observer to take a road trip through the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District, reviewing some of the regions' most notable restaurants, and asks Brydon to accompany him as a last minute stand in when his girlfriend bails from the tour. Against a backdrop of stunning scenery and equally impressive cuisine, the pair are soon bickering about anything and everything, and whilst Brydon pines for his wife and baby, Coogan copes with the absence of his girlfriend by notching up a series of one night stands. Mostly though they trade impressions and insults (gentle and otherwise), and their matchless improvisations (taking in Michael Caine, Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins amongst others) are a comic delight. That said, there is poignancy and vulnerability here too, and signs of real bravery at work.
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