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Series 3. The Piano. Dan plays Aunty Val's date. Friday 18th 10pm on C4.
Geraldine plays Milner in the hit show. Tuesdays 10pm on C4.
Series 2 in the hit show. Nathan plays Ian. Tuesdays 10pm on C4.
One-off drama adapted from the bestselling novel. Jodie plays Vivian Pearce. Sunday 9pm on BBC2.
Melanie plays Margaret Mawson. Friday 1:45pm on BBC1.
Powerful docu-drama recounting the events of the battle of the Somme. Paul plays Private Greenhalgh. Saturday 6.55pm on More4.
Second ep, The Unfaithful Husband. Martin plays Brigadier General Berkoff. Thursday 10th, 9pm on BBC2.
A man discovers that his ex is pregnant. Rob plays Joe. Monday-Wed 10pm on ITV Encore.
Hard-hitting drama. Andrew plays Kieran Gillespie. Sunday 9pm on BBC1.
Hard-hitting drama. Nico stars as Johnjo O'Shea. Sunday 9pm on BBC1.
Sci-fi action comedy movie. Jodie plays Sam. Saturday 10pm on C4. New reel coming soon..
The musical movie event of the summer, starring Annabel as Maddie. Cinemas from 27th July!
New series. Political drama. Tobias plays Nathaniel Bloom. Thursdays 9pm on BBC2.
New series. Political drama. Eve plays Monica Chatwin. Thursdays 9pm on BBC2.
New series. Political drama. Andrew plays Ephra Stein. Thursdays 9pm on BBC2.
Series 3. Ella plays Matt's publicist in this comedy series. Wednesday 10pm on BBC2.
**** Telegraph. Park Theatre until the 6th July.
As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning. Thursday 9:45am on BBC Radio 4.
The audio book Rose Under Fire narrated by Sasha became a finalist at the 2014 awards in the Teen category. Congratulations!
Set in 1930's around Jimmy a political activist. Denise plays Tess. In cinemas now!
   1st Jan 1970
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