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Series 2. Ryan plays Grumio in this hit comedy series. Monday 10:40pm on ITV1.
Based on a true story about Lady Worsley. Oliver plays Viscount Deerhurst. Monday 9pm on BBC2.
Gripping 18th-century drama. Alex plays Captain Leversuch. Monday 9pm on BBC2.
The sign of Three. Alistair plays James Sholto. Monday 8:30pm on BBC1.
Series 3. The sign of Three. Vinette plays Sally Donovan. Monday 8:30pm on BBC1.
Nick Gill's adaptation. **** reviews. The Young Vic Theatre until the 22nd August.
A new play from Duncan Macmillan about a woman in rehab. Denise stars as Emma. National Theatre until 3rd November.
**** "Brilliant, Rory Kinnear is a triumph" Daily Mail. Young Vic Theatre until 22nd August.
**** ‘A night of magic, madness and moonlight’ Evening Standard. Old Vic Theatre until 22nd August.
The Ballad of Midsomer County. Dean plays Tom Asher. Sunday 8pm on ITV1.
Agatha Christie spy drama. Ed plays Carl Denim. Sunday 9pm on BBC1.
Gripping 18th-century drama. Sandra plays Mary Marriott. Monday 9pm on BBC2.
James Corden is one of the stars discussing awkward social situations. Thursday 9pm on C4.
Richard Dillane plays Bulldog in part 3 of Partners Of Crime.
Vicky Hall plays Hazel Leyon in this weeks episode - The Long Haul.
New series. Adrian plays Tommy Naylor. Tuesdays 9pm on BBC1.
New series. Denis returns as Steve McAndrew. Tuesdays 9pm on BBC1.
In the second episode of the series, Elliot plays Roger Fry. Monday 9pm on BBC2.
Drama documentary based on the memoirs of Geoffrey Wellum. Alex plays Drummond. Saturday 9:10pm on BBC2.
Russia. A Beautiful country estate. The mid-nineteenth century. Amanda plays Natalya. National Theatre until 21st October.
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