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New series. Adrian plays Tommy Naylor. Tuesday 4th August, 9pm on BBC1.
New series. Denis returns as Steve McAndrew. Tuesdays 9pm on BBC1.
In the second episode of the series, Elliot plays Roger Fry. Monday 9pm on BBC2.
Drama documentary based on the memoirs of Geoffrey Wellum. Alex plays Drummond. Saturday 9:10pm on BBC2.
Russia. A Beautiful country estate. The mid-nineteenth century. Amanda plays Natalya. National Theatre until 21st October.
Series 3 in the hit crime drama. John plays Ronald Capshaw. Fridays 9pm on BBC1.
New drama series about the Bloomsbury Set. Eve plays Older Vanessa Bell. Mondays 9pm on BBC2.
Charles plays confident new nurse Jacob. Saturday 9pm on BBC1.
On Harbour Street. Mysterious death of a pensioner in a small coastal town. Alistair plays Stuart Bayliss. Wed 22nd 8pm on ITV1.
Pauline will go through to the semi-finals to battle it out for the title for 2015! Watch this space!
Coming-of age drama set in postwar Britain. Hattie plays Elizabeth Aldridge. Sunday 9pm on BBC1.
Miles has been announced as the new host on Radio 4's News Quiz show. Watch this space!
Based on true events, by Austin Pendleton. See Adrian Lukis as Laurence Olivier. Southwark Playhouse until 25th July.
Emotional true-life drama based on the book by Julie Nicholson. Sunday 9pm on BBC1.
The last in the series. Geraldine plays CC Carolyn Jarecki. Sunday 9pm on ITV1.
New series 3. Chike joins the cast as Lennox. Thursdays 10pm on Sky Atlantic.
New comedy drama. Samuel plays Nathanial. Tuesdays 10pm on C4.
Brand new comedy drama. Sacha plays Danny. Tuesdays 10pm on C5.
New crime drama series. Vinette plays Zoe Nash in this weeks episode. Sunday 28th June 9pm on ITV1.
New crime series. Andrew plays DS Lee Miekel. Sunday 9pm on ITV1.
Helen Fospero hosts DaybreakWednesday 23rd May & 1st, 4th-8th June. 6:00-8:30am ITV1.
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